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Does my age really affect my fertility?

Getting pregnant and staying pregnant gets harder for women after 30. A reproductive life plan can help you prepare ahead!
Fertility reduces with age – but it works slightly differently for men and women. Female fertility starts to fall after 30 years. It naturally declines as women get older and speed of decline varies widely. Male fertility on the other hand, starts to fall after 40 years of age, when sperm quality decreases.

Age is one of the important factors affecting the ability to conceive and give birth to a healthy child. This is due to several changes that are a natural part of ageing.

  • The number and quality of eggs (ovarian reserve) decreases naturally and progressively from the time a woman is born until the time she reaches menopause. This decline is gradual until her early 30s but accelerates quickly after her mid-30s.
  •  It is not only more difficult to conceive, but miscarriage and chromosomal abnormalities in the child (such as Down syndrome) are more common in older mothers.
  • Risk of miscarriage increases with age. Generally 10% of pregnancies end in miscarriages. However, that increases to 20% with increasing age.
  • Fibroids and endometriosis are more common with increasing age affect fertility.
  • Not only is getting pregnant is difficult, maintaining pregnancy is harder after 35. After 35, there is higher risk of preterm delivery and preeclampsia. Over the age of 40, not only above, but the baby can also be affected with poor fetal growth.
  • There is increased risk of diabetes and hypertension with age, which makes carrying on with healthy pregnancy difficult. Studies also show that older women who do not have any health conditions still can have complicated pregnancies.

Like career plan and financial plan, all women should have a reproductive life plan, that considers when to have children and how many. That said, it might be hard to stick to the plan if a suitable partner is not found or careers may not be as stable as aspired.

For women who plan is to delay pregnancy until after age 30, the best way forward is seegynaecologist/fertility specialist and arrange baseline investigations to assess and ensure good fertility potential. A few months of delay if all tests are normal, is totally advisable. However, if age is well beyond 30 or if there is low ovarian reserve on assessment, egg freezing in single woman and embryo freezing for couples is an option to consider. By doing so, the eggs and embryos age is frozen at that point. This facilitates delaying the pregnancy and at the same time preserving the chances of fertility and reducing the chances of abnormal babies or miscarriages.

At Genesis, we can help you develop your reproductive life plan. We will review your medical and family history, any medications you take and your immunisations to be sure that you have recommended vaccines. We will check and advise on lifestyle changes, and optimise your chances to increase fertility.
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